Navigation: Admin >> Branches

Description: View all branches under your account. You can add new branch or edit/delete branches.

The following fields are present in the View Branches page.

Add Branch

You can add a new branch by clicking this button.


This is the name of the branch.


Landline and mobile number of the branch.

Loan Conditions

This lists the minimum/maximum loan amounts and minimum/maximum interest rates of loans that can be added in this branch. Any loan that is not within the range will not be accepted and system will give an error. This is optional and you do not have to set any range.

Branch Capital

Branch Capital is the total capital that has been given to the branch. Branch Capital is used in Cash Flow to show the remaining capital available to the branch after loans, repayments, savings transactions, payroll, and expenses.

This shows the date at which the Branch was opened.

You can edit the branch by clicking Edit.


You can delete branch by clicking Delete. Please note that you cannot delete the branch if you are logged into it. If you have more than 1 branch, you can login to another branch by clicking View Another Branch. You must have at least 1 active branch at all times.