Watch this video to see how View Staff works:

Navigation: Admin >> View Staff

Description: View all staff under your account. You can add new staff, edit/delete staff, or reset password.


The following fields are present in the View Staff page.


Add Staff

You can add a new staff member by clicking this button.



This is the name of the staff member.


Contact Info

Email and mobile number of the staff member.


This is the role of the staff member. You can view and edit permissions for this role by clicking Staff Roles in the Admin menu. Please note that you can not edit the Owner role permission as the Owner automatically has all permissions.

Employment Branch

This is the branch were the staff member is employed. The staff member will have access to only this branch unless you give access to View Another Branch link which will allow the staff member to access all branches.


Status of the staff member.


Reset Password - This will allow you reset the password. The staff member will receive an email with the new password.
Edit - You can edit the staff member. If you edit the staff email, the password will be reset and emailed to the borrower.
Delete - You can delete the staff member. This will also reduce your next monthly invoice. Please note that you can not delete your account or the owner of the account.