Watch this video to see how Add Staff works:

Navigation: Admin >> View Staff >> Add Staff

Description: Add a new staff member. You can only add a new staff member if you have enough user subscriptions available. You can purchase user subscriptions by visiting the Billing page. If you are in the 30 day free trial, you can add as many users as you like.


The following fields are present in the Add Staff page.


The following are the required fields to add a new staff member.

Staff Role

Select the role of the staff member. To view the role permissions, please visit Staff Roles in the Admin menu.


Employment Branch

The employment branch of the staff member. When the staff member logs in, he/she will only have access to this branch.

First Name

Please only put the first name here.

Middle / Last Name

You can put middle name and last name here.


Email address of staff member. If you are editing the staff and change the email, the password will be reset and emailed to the borrower.


Select the gender


Select the country where staff member is located.

The following are the optional fields.


Type the mobile number of the staff member. Do not put country code, spaces, or characters in mobile otherwise you won't be able to send SMS to this mobile.

Date of Birth

Select the date of birth





Province / State


Office Phone



You can only a picture of the staff member. This picture will appear in the top left hand corner when the staff member logs in.