Navigation: Borrowers >> Add Borrower

Description: Add a new borrower.


The following fields are present in the Add Borrower page.


The following are the required fields to add a borrower


Select the country where the borrower is located.

First Name

Please only put the first name here.

Middle / Last Name

You can put middle name and last name here.

Business Name 

You can choose to put the business name here 

(You can either fill up all these 3 fields: First Name, Middle/Last Name and Business Name or can just put the First Name and the Middle/Last Name or just the Business Name)

The following are the optional fields

Unique Number 

Every borrower should have different unique number. This is a system generated number but can choose  to enter the borrower's personal information such as social security number, driver's license, passport, etc.


Select the gender for Male or Female.


Select a title or a prefix for the borrower.


Type the mobile number of the borrower. Do not put country code, spaces, nor characters in the mobile field.


Type a valid email address of the borrower.

Date of Birth

Select the borrower's date of birth.


Please put the location where the borrower lives.


Please put the City where the borrower is located.

Province / State

Specify which province or state the borrower is located.

Zip code

Place the borrower's zip code or postal code here.

Landline Phone

Can also choose to put the borrower's landline number if available.

Working Status

Select the employment status of the borrower.

Credit Score 

Can place the borrower's credit score here if available.

Borrower Photo

Can upload a picture of the borrower. This can help you with identification purposes if the borrower comes into your branch to conduct transaction.

Can add specific/special information about the borrower here.

Borrower Files
You can upload borrower files. This is useful for uploading borrower agreements.

Loan Officer Access
You can assign specific staff who could have access to this specific borrower information. This is useful since this will appear in the Collection Sheets, View All Loans, and on the Loan Officer Report.