Navigation: Loans >> View All Loans >> View/Modify

Description: You can view loan details and modify the loan. Also, you can do the following:
  • View Loan Details
  • Add / Edit / Delete Repayment
  • Print Statement
  • Restructure Loan
  • Edit Loan
  • Delete Loan
  • Print Schedule
  • Edit Schedule
  • Loan Files
  • Add / Edit / Delete Loan Comments

For more information on the above fields, please click here.

Override - You will notice an Override link in the Due amount field (above picture). If you feel the system has not calculated the due amount correctly, you can manually override the total due amount.

Click the Add Repayment link to add a payment by the borrower. You can also edit or delete it.

Loan Terms:
This shows the Loan Terms. You can also
  • Print Statement - Print the loan statement.
  • Restructure Loan - For more information, please see Loan Status.
  • Edit Loan - For more information, please see View and Edit Loan.
  • Delete Loan

Loan Schedule:
This shows the Loan Schedule. You can also
  • Print Schedule - Print the loan schedule which shows the due payments.
  • Edit Schedule - You can edit the above schedule if you do not agree with the system generated loan schedule.

Loan Files:
This shows the Loan Files. To edit loan files, click on the Loan Terms tab and then Edit Loan.

Loan Comments:
This shows the Loan Comments. Any of your staff members can post comments about this loan. You can also edit or delete your comments. Please note that you can not edit or delete other people's comments unless you are the owner of the account.