Navigation: There are 2 different ways to reach the View Savings page

  • Borrowers >> View Borrowers >> Savings
  • Savings >> View Savings Accounts >> View/Modify

Description: View savings account of the borrower.


Savings Account
You can see the Savings Account details of the borrower above.

Account #
Account number of the savings account.


Savings product that is associated with the savings account. You can create savings product by visiting Admin >> Savings Products.

  • Minimum Balance
  • Interest Rate Per Annum
  • Interest Posting Frequency

For more information on the above fields and how to edit them, please visit View Savings Products.

Current Balance

Current balance of the savings account.


Add Transaction - Add transaction for the savings account.

Print - Print statement for the savings account. You can give this to the borrower when he/she comes into your branch.


Edit the savings account. You can use this to change the savings product.


Delete the savings account all transactions associated with the savings account

Savings Transactions
You can view transactions associated with the savings account above.

Date and time of transaction.

Type of transaction such as Deposit or Withdrawal.

Description of the transaction if any.

If transaction is a debit from the savings account.

If transaction is a credit from the savings account.

Balance after transaction.

The staff that entered the transaction in the system

Edit the transaction.

Delete the transaction.

Please note that you can not edit or delete transactions below a System Generated Interest row (seen in above picture).

If the savings product has an interest rate, the system will automatically calculate and add interest to the savings account (as shown above). Hence, you can not delete transactions that have been used in this calculation otherwise it would make the System Generated Interest amount inaccurate.

If you would like to edit or delete the transactions, you must first delete the System Generated Interest row.