Navigation: Reports >> Cash Flow

Description: View cash flow for the branch. You can view the remaining balance available to the branch.


The following fields are present in the Cash Flow page.

Date Range 

You can use this to view cash flow for the branch for specific date range.

Branch Capital
This is the total capital that has been given to the branch by the company for running the business. You can edit this amount by visiting Admin >> Branches >> Manage Branch Capital in the top menu.

Total expenses entered for the branch.  You can edit this amount by visiting Expenses >> View Expense in the left menu.

Total payroll entered for the branch.  You can edit this amount by visiting Payroll >> View Payroll in the left menu.

Loans Released (Principal)
Total principal amount of all loans released for this branch.

Loan Repayments
Total repayment amount made by borrowers for loans for this branch.

Total deposits made in savings accounts by the borrowers for this branch.


Total amount withdrawn from savings accounts by borrowers for the branch.

View Detailed Cash Flow
This will allow you to view detailed cashflow for each date in a chronological order for the branch. This is very useful in determining if any incorrect transactions were entered in the branch. You can also use this for audit and accounting purposes.