Navigation: Reports >> Profit / Loss

Description: View profit and loss figures for the branch.


The following fields are present in the Profit / Loss page.

Date Range

You can use this to view profit and loss for the branch for the specific date range.

Gross Profit *

Gross Profit is total loan repayments subtracted by any loan fees (non deductable).

Default Loans **

Default Loans is loans(principal amount - repayments made) that have been marked as default.

Savings Interest

Total savings interest that has been added by you and/or the system to savings accounts.


Total expenses added for the branch.


Total payroll added for the branch.

Total Net Profit

Total Net Profit  = Gross Profit  - Default Loans -  Savings Interest - Expenses - Payroll.

Please note that savings deposits has not been included since that is a liability and you have to pay this back to borrowers.