Watch the below video to see how Custom Fields work:

Navigation: Admin >> Custom Fields

Description: View custom fields added in your account. You can add new custom fields, and edit or delete. These fields can then be used in the following category pages:

  • Add Borrower
  • Add Loan
  • Add Repayment
  • Add Collateral
  • Add Expenses
  • Add Other Income
  • Add Savings Account
  • Add Savings Transaction
  • Add Asset Management
  • Add Guarantor


The following fields are present in the Custom Fields page.


Add Custom Field

You can add a new custom field by clicking this button.

Name of the custom field.

The page category where the custom field is located.

Required Field
Shows if the custom field is a required field when adding the category. If it is, then you must type a value for the custom field when using it in the category.


The type of custom field. These include:

  • Text Field
    - A normal text field that accepts all inputs.
  • Date Field
    - A date field that will allow you to select a date.
  • Number Field
    - You can only type numbers in this field. Decimals are not allowed.
  • Decimal Field
    - Only numbers or decimals allowed such as 3 or 3.43
  • Link Field
    - You can link to another page. This is useful for linking to documents stored on other websites.
  • Text Area
    - Useful for typing a large amount of text such as description or comments.
  • Dropdown Box
    - You can set various options which can be selected from dropdown box. 

Edit - Edit the custom field
Delete - Delete the custom field. If you delete it, all values associated with the custom field will be deleted.