If you would like to set Sender ID, please login and take a look at https://x.loandisk.com/admin/sms/sender_id.php.

Sender ID is the name or number which shows on the recipient's mobile phone when SMS is received.


Please send us an email at support@loandisk.com to enable Sender ID.                

  • If you want to use your company name, you have to attach a letter in doc format on a <SENDERID> Company Letterhead saying that the account with loandisk  has the right to use the company name <SENDERID> as a Sender ID.

  • If you want to use your mobile number, we will send a verfication code to your mobile which you will need to tell us.

Sender ID must be maximum of 10 characters. Allowed characters include 0-9a-zA-Z.


You can use your actual mobile number in Sender Id.


Sender ID may not always work since it depends on the country and network provider. Please note that it may take 2-5 working days to activate Sender Id.